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Nikki and Cami San Jose Escort/Massage/S&M


    ��✨💕👑We aRe The CoMpleTe PaCkAge. We BoTh ReVieW BeYoNd StaNdarD oN SeVeraL RePuTable SiTeS✨💕👑
    If-YoUve HaD uS BeFoRe, YoU KnOw ThaT NoNe OtHeR cOmPaRe..If YoU HaVe NoT HaD uS, CaLL NoW To Exprience The SweeTesT AdDIctioN YoU CaN FinD

    Nikki (dirty blonde) 408-661-1371 (NIKKIS NEW NUMBER)
    Camy (light blonde) (408) 417-5657 (CAMYS NEW NUMBER)

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