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    <ol><b><a>? WAITING 4 U NOW!!</a></ol> <a>? OPEN 9:00 AM - MIDNIGHT </a><br> <ol><b>? <a><a target="_blank" href="">*$10 OFF DAILY SPECIALS CLICK HERE -</a> ?</b></ol> <ol><b><a>? BEST ASIAN MASSAGE SPA IN THE VALLEY ?<br /><br><ol><ol> COME SEE WHY </a></ol><br> <a>? DAILY SPECIALS ?</a><br><br></ol> <a>? 4 NEW STAFF TO SERVE YOU </a><br> <a>? 1ST CLASS - BEAUTIFUL </a><br><br> <a>U WILL LOVE US!</a><br><br> ? <a target="_blank" href=""></a> ?<br><br> <a> ? 480-788-6226<br />? Walk-ins welcome ? Visit Today!:</a> <br><br> Amazing Spa - Asian Massage<br> 6481 S Rural Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283 <br> S Rural Rd and E Guadalupe Rd - S. E. Corner <br><br> <a><b>? WAITING FOR YOUR COMING ?</b></a><br><br> *See Website Specials

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